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Let Me Calculate You

The interactive audio installation Let Me Calculate You was created as part of a research project that deals with the question of how sensor technologies can influence environments. It invites the viewer to move consciously with one another in a closed space and to feel the effects on your own body and within the artificial sound environment.

Smart technologies become part of the most mundane situations. They facilitate networking and make banal processes more efficient. This requires the continuous recording of environmental data: a usually invisible process for which sensors are required.

Let Me Calculate You

Sensors form interfaces between the analog and digital worlds. Their increasing use in everyday technologies and monitoring systems is transforming public and private spaces into artificial environments. The dividing line between analog and digital is fading. New forms of self-awareness, intimacy and relationships with man and machine are emerging. Sensing sensors influence how we – as humans – perceive our environments.

The project attempts to put a focus on the modelling of our environment generated by algorithms. Direct sound feedback not only affects the perception and actions of individuals, but includes everything and everyone. Bodies are measured, instrumentalized and manipulated, react to each other, leave traces of the auditory in space. They constitute the space and vice versa.

Exhibited at
Pandemie, Digitalität und Alterität: Ich, Du, Wir, Ihr. Schinkelhalle, Potsdam. 06.11.2021