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Till Rückwart is a mixed media artist living and working in Berlin. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies in Berlin, Lisbon and Potsdam, where he is currently pursuing a theoretical-practical Master’s degree in European Media Studies.

His work is situated at the intersection of technology, humans and nature, using creative methods to depict the influences of media and technologies on the environment. He is particularly interested in the effects of glitches and malfunctioning software on the humans perception of digital spaces.



re:publica 22: Any Way the Wind Blows. Arena Halle, Berlin. 08.06 – 10.06.2022
Pandemie, Digitalität und Alterität: Ich, Du, Wir, Ihr. Schinkelhalle, Potsdam. 06.11.2021
Werkschau: Jahresausstellung 2021. FH Potsdam. 29.10 – 30.10.2021
Klimaschau: Utopien für die Gegenwart. Online Ausstellung, Potsdam. 17.07.2020
Werkschau: Jahresausstellung 2019. FH Potsdam. 12.07 – 13.07.2019
Werkschau: Politiken des Designs. Jahresausstellung 2017. FH Potsdam. 14.07 -15.07.2017


From Satellite Imagery to Counter Aesthetics – an Open Conversation with Andrea Garcia Vasquez. re:publica 22, Berlin. 09.06.2022
BIG-DADA or DADACALYPSE or so #240. SPEKTRUM art|science|community, Berlin. 15.12.2016