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still from 'dude, where is my data?'

dude, where is my data?

dude, where is my data? is a fictional desktop shortfilm about a young mans journey into his computer in search of his missing data. Instead of finding what is lost a psychedelic trip unfolds in which metaphors pull him deeper into machine desires, while the cinematic means move in the opposite direction out of the computer.

Inspired by „The Big Lebowski“, the protagonist and a friend set out to find his missing data. He is guided by metaphors such as the cloud. A journey develops on which he encounters Meta, Google and Amazon, sometimes subtly, sometimes more clearly formulated, and instead of finding his data, he comes to critical reflections. Among other things, this raises the questions of what a digital metaverse might materially look like, where data is hoarded, whether Western globalized power infrastructures are reproduced through algorithms/software (Clouds Europe/Africa), and what happens to the profits from the business with data?

Exhibited at
re:publica 22: Any Way the Bind Blows